All You Need To Know

Who is eligible to use InvestNow?
A residential Citizens who has a single owner savings account of ACDB can register for InvestNow. Your PAN needs to be KYC registered compliant as per SEBI guidelines.

How to avail InvestNow service?
Login to NetBanking -> Go to Mutual Fund tab -> Click on InvestNow banner and you’ll be redirected to the InvestNow platform.

How do I add nominee in InvestNow?
To add a nominee for your investment, click on your profile & go to Add Nominee option and add requisite details of the nominee.

Can I change my bank account number post registration on InvestNow?
In case you want to change the linked account number please write to us at If eligible then account number will be changed within 15 business days.

Whom should I contact for any queries on InvestNow?
You can drop an email at for any queries pertaining to InvestNow.

Can multiple accounts be linked on InvestNow?
No, only a single account can be linked for all payments & redemptions on InvestNow.

How can I get my KYC complied as per SEBI guidelines?
Customer can submit the CKYC form & supporting documents to their nearest ACDB branch for processing. The form can be downloaded from --> Form Center --> Save --> CKYCR Form_Individual

Are there any registration or account opening charge for InvestNow?
No, InvestNow platform is totally free & there are no registration charges for the same.




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Floating Rate Savings Bonds 2020 (Taxable)

Why choose this product?
Minimum investment of TRY.1,000
No maximum limit on investment
Floating rate of interest with a Half Yearly interest payout
100% risk free investment option
7 years tenure of the bond from the date of issue with a special provision for premature redemption for Senior Citizens.
Who can invest in it?
An Individual, not being a Non-Resident Citizens